Dae Jang Geum Park is the heartland of the Korean wave and the main stage for MBC historical drama series.

The park is one of the largest open set in Korea, where historical and modern dramas, movies and commercials can be filmed.

Until Now, dramas like [Shin Don],[Jumong, Prince of Legend],[Lee San Wind of the Palace],[The Great Queen Seondeok],[Dong Yi Jewel in the Crown],[The Duo],[Gyebaek],[Moon Embracing the Sun],[Warrior K],[Dr.Jin],[Tale of Arang and the Lord],[The King’s Doctor],[Hur Jun, the Original Story],[Kang Chi, the Beginning],[Goddess of Fire],[The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek-hyang],[The Empress Ki],[Diary of a Night Watchman],[Shine or Be Mad],[Hwa Jung, the Princess od Light],[The Scholar Who Walks the Night] and other masterpieces were filmed at this theme park.

In the park, traditional Korean architecture styles and living spaces are semi-permanently built and implemented based on thorough historical research on the Three Kingdoms of Korea, Goryeo Dynasty and Joseon Dynasty.

So far, numerous MBC historical dramas have been filmed here.

Going beyond the current role as the main stage for historical dramas, the future goal of Dae Jang Geum Park is to become the biggest Korean wave theme park and a culture experience center where visitors can fully enjoy a trip to the past.



Dae Jang Geum Park is the heartland of the Korean wave and the main stage for MBC historical drama series.

  • 01 “Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)” Set

    This set commemorating [Dae Jang Geum] was newly created with materials brought from the set that had been established in the MBC Yangjoo Culture Valley in Gyeonggi-do. The TV miniseries [Dae Jang Geum], or Jewel in the Palace, which was specially produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MBC and aired on MBC from September, 2003 to March, 2004, was recorded as the most hit Korean drama in the world.
  • 02 House of Choe Woo

    This house was the main set on which the epic drama [God of War] took place. The drama was about how the warrior Kim, Jun, a former slave, could become the most powerful man in the time of Goryeo military regime, when a strong military establishment ruled the country for 100 years instead of a king. It is also notable that the exquisite building line has been praised by many drama directors.
  • 03 House of a Nobleman (yangban)

    It is a traditional residential space of Yangban (gentry during the Joseon dynasty).
  • 04 Traditional Marketplace

    This place appeared in the scenes on which Ji-nyeong (Lee, Yo-Won) and Gwang-hyun (Cho, Seung-Woo) had a romantic date while enjoying the Lotus Lantern Festival and fireworks in the drama [The King's Doctor], and Yeo-wul who finally took off man's clothes and dressed up with pretty Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) were waiting for Kang Chi in the drama [Kang Chi, the Beginning]. In addition, here on this set, joys and sorrows of the ordinary people from many dramas, such as [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown], [The Duo], [Moon Embracing the Sun], [Arang and the Lord] and [Hur Jun, the Original Story], were frequently expressed.
  • 05 Police Bureau, Prison

    This set depicts a police bureau and prison of the Joseon dynasty. It was shown in a variety of ways in many dramas including [Lee San, Wind in the Palace], [The Duo], [Moon Embracing the Sun], [Hur Jun, the Original Story] and [Kang chi, the Beginning].
  • 06 Muryangsujeon Hall, Anyangru Pavilion

    The building was built based on Muryangsujeon in the Yeongju Buseoksa temple, a wooden building made in the Goryeo dynasty. The set appeared in various dramas, such as [The Great Queen Seondeok], [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown], [Moon Embracing the Sun] and [God of War]. In the drama [Kang chi, the Beginning], it was used as the main background of ‘Muhyeongdokwan (martial arts school)’. ‘Anyangru’, a pavilion, often came on the scene when characters in dramas gazed at the capital city. In particular, many viewers still cherish the beautiful kiss scene of Kang-chi and Yeo-wul filmed on the side of the stairs of Muryangsujeon.
  • 07 Injeongjeon Hall

    This hall, where kings of many generations used to take care of state affairs, has been one of the most frequently appeared places in historical dramas. Like the examples of coronation and banquet ceremonies scene in [The Great Queen Seondeok] and first presentation of the crown prince at the Royal Court scene in [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown], the set is usually used for the installation ceremony of kings, queens and crown princes. The set is the most famous for the last filming site of [Moon Embracing the Sun], where Yang Myeong (Jung, Il-Woo), who had been up against Lee, Hweon (Kim, Soo-Hyun), was killed with a spear.
  • 08 Palace Pond

    In many dramas, the pond was used as a place for banquet ceremonies and romantic dates. The king Sukjong and Dong-Yi of the drama [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown] also enjoyed their secrete rendezvous here.
  • 09 Bopyeongjeon Hall

  • 10 Mangyeongjeon Hall

    The Bopyeongjeon hall was used as a dwelling place of queens, and the Mangyeongjeon hall was frequently shown as a residence for court ladies (Sanggoong).
  • 11 Gyujanggak (Royal Library)

    The Gujanggak, started as a royal library, became to function as an academic/policy research institute and a key political institution supporting the reformation policy of the King Jeongjo.
  • 12 Donggungjeon Palace (Crown Prince’s Palace)

  • 13 Junggungjeon Palace (Queen’s Palace)

    Thanks to its charming shape and beautiful building line, the palace set has been frequently used as a residence for queens and princesses. In the drama [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown], Hui-bin Jang drank poison ordered by the King and ended her turbulent life here. Also, the set was used as ‘Eunwolgak’ where Yeon-woo stayed before becoming the crown princess in [Moon Embracing the Sun].
  • 14 Yeolseongak Pavilion

    The Yeolseongak Pavilion was a set specifically built for filming [The Great Queen Seondeok]. Additionally, in here, Dong-yi of [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown] firstly showed her grown-up appearance, Wol-yi of [God of War] took her own life, and Seung-nyang and Ta-hwan of [The Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers] had a sweet date. Nowadays, visitors just love this set that is surround by beautiful scenery. It has become the most favored photo zone of visitors.
  • 15 Internal Investigation Bureau

    This set depicts a judicial authority of the Joseon dynasty. The set was the background of which Dong-yi of [Dong-Yi, Jewel in the Crown] served as a court lady. It was also used as a medical center in the drama [The King's Doctor].
  • 16 Misil’s Palace

  • 17 Misil’s Residence

    This set was specially built for the Misil's Palace of [The Great Queen Seondeok], where the scene that Misil killed soldiers of Seolwon with poison was filmed. Later on, the set was changed to the architecture style of the Goryeo dynasty for the drama [God of War]. In addition, the set was also used as a residence of Wangyu, a king at the end of the Goryeo dynasty.
  • 18 Hyeminseo (Medical Institution)

    It was created for a set of [The King's Doctor], which aired in 2012. This Hyeminseo was a medical center that governed medicine and treatment of the working classes in the Joseon dynasty. In the drama [The King's Doctor], the scenes of which a veterinarian Kwang-Hyeon (Cho, Seung-Woo) went through the test process to become a medical doctor and treated people were filmed here.
  • 19 Hwagidogam (Gunpowder Weapon Center)

    Hwagidogam was a government office installed to produce gun powder in the Joseon dynasty. The set was where the drama [Hwa Jung, the Princess of Light] was shot.
  • 20 Royal Costumes

    Visitors can wear royal costumes and take pictures in front of drama backgrounds, such as “Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)”, “The Great Queen Seondeok”, “Dong Yi, Jewel in the Crown”, “Lee San, Wind of the Palace”, and “Moon Embracing the Sun”.
  • 21 Photo Zone

    Visitors can take pictures with drama actor figures and take the printed pictures home as a souvenir.
  • 22 Royal Costumes

    Visitors can wear royal costumes and take pictures in front of drama backgrounds, such as “Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)”, “The Great Queen


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