The MBC World is the first broadcasting theme park in Korea where you can enjoy MBC masterpiece dramas and popular entertainment programs while focusing on Korean Wave contents. You can sing and dance with stars, and become a main character of drama. Let's begin the tour to the MBC World, a fantastic world in TV by riding a wave of culture.


M zone

You can watch the history of MBC at a glance and experience various attractions.

  • 01 Hologram Theater

    Stars will sing and dance right in front of you. You can enjoy the newest songs of BigBang, 2NE1, PSY and etc.
  • 02 Dance Experience

    Idol star will directly teach you the choreography of hit songs. In a professional mode, your can experience a group dancing.
  • 03 VR Experience

    With a 360 degrees gear VR machine, you can feel virtual reality. All things unfolded in front of your eyes as if they are real. It will give you a fantastic Experience.
  • 04 News Experience

    You can become an anchor of the News Desk and a weather caster to experience news production.
  • 05 Digital Guest Book

    Welcome greetings of stars and you can have their signatures.
  • 06 The Hall of Fame

    The exceptional contributions of stars who have graced MBC were exhibited. The history of MBC building and Cl, the development process of MBC is displayed in this hall.
  • 07 Garden Studio

    You can watch a live radio broadcasting in outdoor through window.
  • 08 Golden Mouse Hall

    You can see real size of golden mouse and bronze mouse of DJ who have greatly contributed to MBC radio.

B zone

It consists of brand store, MBC media wall and MBC masterpiece contents hall.

  • 01 Trick TV

    You can be a main character of MBC masterpiece dramas or popular entertainment programs.
  • 02 Brand Store

    You can purchase the admission ticket to MBC World, the experience results and MBC souvenirs. MBC souvenirs.
  • 03 Historical Drama Zone

    You can wear costumes appeared in MBC's best historical drama and leave time travel to the past through the screen.
  • 04 Visiting Newsroom

    How do we make news? You can watch the newsroom where people are busy to prepare the news.
  • 05 Star Park

    You can use a rest area and take photos with life-sized panel of stars.
  • 06 Star Street

    This is the streets where the handprints of the best stars in Korea are exhibited.

C zone

You can be amazed at various MBC popular programs' attractions with stars.

  • 01 My Little Television

    Celebrities will talk to you and take photos with you. You can strike various poses and keep the photos for your valuable memory.
  • 02 Star Street

    You can vividly experience as if real stars are right next to you and strike various poses.
  • 03 Section TV

    Today's scoop! You may be featured in a news for scandal with stars. Paparazzi cameras hidden here and there in the exhibition center will give you an unforgettable memory.
  • 04 I Am a Singer

    A star will visit a recording studio and invite you to an augmented reality recording studio where a duet song is produced. The star will coach you can be featured in the album.
  • 05 We've Got Married

    While you are sitting on a sofa, a star will appear suddenly. You can date with the star and have a sweet moment like "We've Got Married."
  • 06 I Live by Myself

    Why don't you lie down with a star in a room where furniture is floating in the air. Magic canvas will appear and draw a star.
  • 07 Star Van

    Enjoy driving in a star's van. You can leave for a fantastic tour. The photos taken with the star in the van will be an unforgettable memory.
  • 08 King of Mask Singer

    Who is the star behind the mask? You can become a star and have various make-ups like smokey, glittering and tatoo, etc.
  • 09 DaeJangGeum Park Bus Tour

    The MBC Bus Tour give you a comfortable yet exciting experience visiting MBC World Broadcasting Theme Park and Daejanggeum Park, the largest historical drama open set in Yongin.